Marshfield, Vermont


Selectboard Meeting

DATE:              March 6, 2018

TIME:                Immediately following Town Meeting

PLACE:            Twinfield Union School

Call meeting to order

Changes or additions to the agenda

Public Comment/Unscheduled Appearances (limited to 15 minutes TOTAL)

Review and Approval of Minutes 2/19      

  1. Choose Board Chair

  2. Designate meeting date and time

  3. Designate newspaper of record

  4. Designate locations where agendas are to be posted

  5. Approve use of Old Schoolhouse Common for hazardous waste collection

  6. Approve contract for highway department uniform service

  7. Accept Town Plan proposed revision from Planning Commission and schedule hearing

  8. Personnel issue

  9. Review of Correspondence & Bills

  10. Adjourn



Review/Readopt Local Emergency Operations Plan

Contract renewal for land records software expires 6/30

Revisions to Zoning Fees


Old Schoolhouse Common 122 School Street, Room 1 Marshfield VT 05658